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How Sports Pursuits can help Churches

Returning Christian Values to Youth through Sport

Sports Pursuits can help your church to be more relevant to people in your community by providing assistance and support for your events and your outreach activities.

Increasingly leaders in all denominations are recognising that sport is an effective tool in bridging the gap between the community and the church. Sports Pursuits has many years of experience helping churches from many denominations.

OUR AIMS in supporting churches are to:

  • Make relevant sports and recreation training available to every interested church.
  • Provide appropriate support and assistance to as many churches as possible.
  • Be a catalyst in enabling churches and other organisations to work together in changing communities through sports outreach.

Find out how Sports Pursuits can help your church with:

Outreach through Sport

Sports and associated recreation training provide a means for churches to be relevant to the interests of people from every walk of life all age groups, including children and young people.

An interest in sport is universal; it occurs irrespective of ethnic background, social status, academic achievement and geographic location.

This means that sports ministry can be a very effective tool in many areas including outreach.

An increasing number of church leaders have recognised this both in the UK and elsewhere and sports ministry is growing significantly.

Sports Pursuits’ approach is to work with churches to assist and support them in the development of a programme that is relevant to their own situation and to the local community.

We are already working with churches of different denominations to develop links between the church and local young people.

To discuss how Sports Pursuits could help your church to develop links with local young people click here to contact us.

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Developing People through Sport

Sport coaching can be a very effective tool in developing leadership and team building skills among ministry staff and other workers.

Training to be a coach in a recognised sport can provide an opportunity to develop many team and social skills yet, because it is largely founded on practical experience, it does not require prolonged periods of study or high academic qualifications.

Consequently sport based activity can be used by churches to develop skills in staff and volunteers in a practical but non-threatening environment and to reach out to the local community at the same time.

Sports Pursuits is helping to develop people in churches of different denominations and from other community groups to enable them to be more effective in reaching out and supporting the own community

To discuss how Sports Pursuits could help your church to develop people and links with local young people click here to contact us.

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Support for Specific Church run Events

Sports Pursuits can support your initiatives by delivering high quality and innovative sessions at local events. We provide support for events that last only a few hours up to those spanning a few weeks.

We have many years experience assisting with events for

  • Outreach
  • Holiday clubs
  • Fund raising
  • Development of community links
  • Social change
  • Leaders workshops

Our expertise includes;

  • Coaching in a wide range of sports
  • Health and fitness training
  • Sports training for leaders
  • Sports based fun activities for children
  • Bible teaching linked to sport
  • Church presentations
  • Seminars on sport
  • Event organisation
  • Project development

To discuss how Sports Pursuits could help your church with specific events click here to contact us.

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