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School services

These services are tailored to meet the needs of each particular school and its surrounding community. We aim to help them to come together with a purpose. keep fit and raise money.

The services listed below are all available for schools in the midlands. We offer free taster sessions of one or more of the services listed below - so that you can see us in action!

  • Curriculum sports activities (during the teaching day) SP Sports Leaders work either for or alongside staff for part of the day. (usual session time 45 - 60 minutes)
  • Sport Related Curriculum Activities Activities in Literacy, Numeracy, ICT and Art can be provided by Sports Pursuits to support whole school sports based activitiy days( prices on request)
  • After school sessions (after the school day) These tend to fall into 1 or 2 categories i.e. single sport or multi-sport and SP can do both. SP will coach football or other individual sports or a mixture of individual sports over an extended period. They usually do blocks of 5/10 weeks to fit in with half terms.
  • Lunchtime Clubs These are usually single sport activities often for short 'bursts' of between 5 & 10 weeks to maintain interest.
  • School Assemblies These are taken by the SP Sports Leader. Subjects/issues covered range from the importance of health, sport and physical exercise, to faith issues in today's society. (Subjects can be given to the SP Sports Leader or chosen by them) There is no charge for this service.
  • R.E./R.S. lessons SP Sports leaders are available to take or assist in these lessons. Subjects/issues need to be decided in advance to allow time for planning and preparation.
  • Sporting activities for parents & children SP Sports leaders are available to arrange and supervise events for both parents and children. i.e. games, tournaments and competitions for all the family.
  • Fun Activity sessions (duration & costs by negotiation) These sessions are very popular in the summer term and during the summer holidays. SP Sports leaders are available to arrange and supervise events such as 'its a knock-out' competitions.
  • Healthy Living/Sports Activity days or weeks (inc. Saturday Academies, School Fund Raisers, Fetes etc)