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We teach football skills to both sexes
bringing quality coaching in both soccer and oter sports

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What we do

Sport Pursuits is enthusiastic and passionate for sport and these qualities shine through. Our aim is to bring quality coaching, in both soccer and other sports, to people of all ages, both sexes and from all backgrounds.

Teaching a group of childrenMuch of Sports Pursuits work is at the leading edge of combining sports coaching with social action. It reflects present Government initiatives in health, sport, citizenship and regeneration.

Sports Pursuits works in partnership with a variety of bodies including local government, schools, charities, faith groups and voluntary organisations.

DemonstratingRecent partners include; the Football Foundation, Awards for All, E.S.F, - Renewal Christian Centre - Solihull, Birmingham Council Sport & Leisure, Riverside Church - Kings Heath, Solihull Special Needs Advisory Partnership. Visit our news page for our latest updates.

Our most recent project funded by E.S.F is SUPPA - Support for Unemployed People and People with Addictions This project began in March 2012. and is available on Mondays and Fridays from 10.00 AM to 3.00 PM.